One year before the 65th anniversary of our beloved association it was finally time for the first meeting of the Lustrumcie (Lustrum commission). From that moment on, the organization for the 13th Lustrum of the Faculty Association Gyrinus natans has started. With the committee, which first consisted of nine members, we have started this arduous task. Fortunately we did not have to finish this task with nine members, because soon enough we added three more members. Now, our committee consists of Ylona van Gastel, Malu  Steenwijk, Renate Koolstra, Dominique Hamelink, Emma Kroeze, Wouter de Jonge, Marnik Linnekamp, Cas Hoogenboom, Marjolein Hortensius, Ruben Adriaanse, Sander van den Ouden and Tom Belleman.

The lustrum committee is really looking forward to the Lustrum and hopefully you are too.

For questions and comments about the Lustrum please email us at

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