Lustrum gala

The Lustrum gala of Gyrinus natans will take place on the 9th of November.

No lustrum is complete without a beautiful ending, and what will be more beautiful than a white tie gala at a location far, far away. For this event we will travel across the country to end up in one of the most stunning castles in the Netherlands.

This evening includes a bus ride to the super secret location and a three course meal to carbo-load for the night that is in front of you. Boy oh boy, you will need it because after the delicious meals, there will be an open bar where you can party until the sun comes up. No worries, if you can not keep up, you can go to your own bed (that is right, you have a bed!) to sleep like a princess. And if you bring your own prince, you can even book a special suite just for the two of you ;).

The next morning you will get a delicious breakfast before we will go back to Amsterdam with the story of a lifetime (at least, if you remember everything). What are you waiting for, sign up now!


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