Gyrinus natans

Gyrinus natans is the faculty association for the studies Biology and Biomedical Sciences located at the faculty of science of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (hereafter referred to as: VU). The association counts more than a thousand members of which a large part of active members is divided over twenty-one committees. Each committee organizes their own unique activities which are regularly visited by loads of people. Gyrinus natans also has twenty-six honorary members who all have contributed their unique part to Gyrinus natans as the association is like today.

Gyrinus natans owes its name to the beetle Gyrinus natator, also known as ‘het Schrijvertje’ or the ‘draaikever’. Also, the names of the magazine ‘Natator’ and the monthly information bulletin for employees ‘het Schrijvertje’ are derived from this lovely organism.

Furthermore, the association is in the possession of one of the few social locations of the VU, called ‘De Tegenstelling’. A room decorated like a bar with the possibility to reduce the distance between students and staff and to get to know each other every Wednesday and Friday. Meanwhile, this space already plays a prominent role on the VU campus for over 25 years and in this time many beautiful memories were created.

In conclusion, Gyrinus natans has a large number of brother and sister associations from multiple faculties of the VU and also spread throughout the Netherlands. In addition, Gyrinus natans is involved in several national consultative organisations such as the LOBS and the BMSO. Gyrinus natans appreciates the cooperation between different associations and regards this as very useful.

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