On the 7th of June the Lustrumcie organizes a pre-lustrumactivity, in cooperation with the Feestcie, to get you all in that festive lustum-mood. What better way to celebrate that the lustrum is just 141 days away than with a party?! And not just a regular party, but a BOATPARTY!

At 21.00 we will cast off and sail the waters of Amsterdam with our own partyboat. We will party our asses off until 01.30, when we get back to the mainland again. The theme of the boatparty will be the lustrumtheme: CIRCLE OF LIFE. Dress up as Timon or Pumbaa, caterpillar or butterfly, carbondioxide or oxygen, baby or granny etcetera. Let your creativity run wild!

You can buy your ticket for just 10 euro (12 for non-members) here

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